Ventibronc silicone double lumen endobronchial tubes allows for superior positioning to the appropriate depth and is associated with less trauma of the tracheobronchial tree than the use of conventional double lumen tubes during lung intubation.

Secure placement with confidence

The patented triple cuffed Double Lumen Tube (DLT) provide superior ease of positioning to reduce the risk of known complications.

Complications have been identified in relation to malpositioned and displaced DLT’s. Some of which may be life threatening.1

Studies indicate that Bronchial Blockers take longer to position and have a higher incidence of intraoperative repositioning than DLT’s. VentiBronc Anchor negates the need for Bronchial Blockers.2

The Anchor cuff design on the VentiBronc Anchor DLT, is a unique and patented method to safely insert the tube intending to reduce the risk of trauma.

endobroncial tube cuff and tip


VentiBronc Anchor is designed for improving first-pass intubation success at optimal depth, minimising the need for repositioning.

endobronchial tube lung insertion diagram

1. Use a laryngoscope to visualise the airway and insert the tube into the trachea.

endobronchial tube lung insertion diagram

2. Inflate the Anchor cuff.

endobronchial tube lung insertion diagram

3. Advance using the Anchor cuff as a guide, stop when resistance is felt on the carinal ridge.

endobronchial tube lung insertion diagram

4. Inflate the tracheal and bronchial cuffs, and deflate the Anchor cuff.

endobronchial tube y piece connectors

Y-Piece Connector

No more clamps

The novel design of the open/close valves design allows easy isolation of targeted lung, without the use of clamps.

Instant Access

Easy to open Endoscopic caps allow instant access for fiber optic or suction catheter insertion.

Right-angled swivel connector

For quick and easy connection without dislodging the tube, and reducing the risk of replacement of the tube.

suction catheters

Suction Catheters


Suction Catheters (10Fr) allow suction of the excessive endobronchial secretions, helping to maintain optimal oxygenation and ventilation during one-lung ventilation.

intubating stylet

Pre-loaded stylet


Pre-loaded and pre-shaped Aluminium Stylet to aid easy insertion and guide the tube to the targeted bronchus.

endobronchial tube cuffs right and left

Left and Right-Sided Optimisation


Left and right-sided (pictured above) cuff designs, each engineered specifically for optimal mainstem placement, seal, and ventilation.


Preassembled with anatomically shaped Stylet for added convenience.

100% Silicone

Easily adaptable and softer on the patient’s anatomy, while providing a secure bronchial seal.

Bronchial Wedge

Ventibronc Anchor cuff facilitates a faster positioning of the tube and optimised depth of placement for enhanced first-pass intubation success.3

Color-coded Pilot Balloons

Easily identifiable to match cuffs to simplify identification for clinicians.

Low Pressure Cuffs

Minimise risk of mucosal damage making it safer for the patient.

Wire Reinforcement

Prevents kinking and line marker assists bronchial tip placement and verification by x-ray.

LEFTRIGHTDescriptionSize (Fr)ID (mm)OD (mm)Recommended Bronchial Cuff Volume (ml)Recommended Tracheal Cuff Volume (ml)Recommended Anchor Cuff Volume (ml)QTY
ABC33LABC33RVentiBronc Anchor Endobronchial Tube, Stylet, and Suction Catheters334.2 / 6.39.1 / 12.51 ~ 25 ~ 104 ~ 85
ABC35LABC35RVentiBronc Anchor Endobronchial Tube, Stylet, and Suction Catheters354.5 / 6.89.9 / 13.21 ~ 25 ~ 104 ~ 85
ABC37LABC37RVentiBronc Anchor Endobronchial Tube, Stylet, and Suction Catheters374.9 / 7.110.3 / 14.32 ~ 37 ~ 125 ~ 95
ABC39LABC39RVentiBronc Anchor Endobronchial Tube, Stylet, and Suction Catheters395.5 / 7.210.5 / 15.72 ~ 37 ~ 125 ~ 95


1 Vaibhav Bora; Stacy M. Kritzmire; Mary E. Arthur, Double Lumen Endobronchial Tubes, last updated June 2021, <>

2 Manu Narayanaswamy 1, Karen McRae, Peter Slinger, Geoffrey Dugas, George W Kanellakos, Andy Roscoe, Melanie Lacroix, Choosing a lung isolation device for thoracic surgery: a randomized trial of three bronchial blockers versus double-lumen tubes, Anesth Analg. 2009 Apr;108(4):1097-101.

3 Namo Kim 1,y , Hyo-Jin Byon 1,y, Go Eun Kim 1 , Chungon Park 2, Young Eun Joe 1, Sung Min Suh 1 and Young Jun Oh 1. A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Novel Triple-Cuffed Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tubes with Conventional Double-Lumen Endobronchial Tubes for Lung Isolation. 

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