Flexicare Tubing transports respiratory and medical gases to and from the patient via connections to other respiratory care medical devices and components.

corrugated tubing

Corrugated Tubing

Corrugated Tubing is characterised by its low compliance, crush resistance and light weight.

038-01-229/322mm 0.45m20
038-01-229/422mm 1.6m20
038-01-23022mm 2m with 22F Connectors20
038-01-229/522mm 2.4m20

038-02-22515mm with 45cm Repeat 50mRoll
038-01-22622mm with 45cm Repeat 50mRoll
038-01-22722mm Blue with 45 cm Repeat 50mRoll
038-01-22822mm with 15 cm Repeat 50mRoll

smoothbore tubing

Smoothbore Tubing

Smoothbore tubing reduces turbulence, flow resistance and work of breathing in comparison with corrugated tubing.
The kink resistant outer spiral supports tube patency ensuring delivery of fresh gas.

038-01-233/6STR22mm 0.3m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/7STR22mm 0.4m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/8STR22mm 0.6m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/9STR22mm 0.8m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/10STR22mm 1m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/11STR22mm 1.2m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233STR22mm 1.5m with Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233BSTR22mm 1.8m with Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/1222mm 2.1m with Flexible 22F Connectors20
038-01-233/12STR22mm 2.1m Flex 22F Connectors - Sterile20
038-01-233/122mm 3m with 22F Connectors20
038-02-23315mm 1.5m with 22F Connectors20
038-02-233/115mm 1m with 22F Connectors20

flexi lock tubing

Flexi-Lock Tubing

Expandable tubing for greater flexibility within the operating room or for patient transport. The tubing can be expanded to the desired length and curved into specific positions without the need for tying down.

038-01-235/4Flexi-Lock 22mm 0.2 - 0.6m20
038-01-235/2Flexi-Lock 22mm 0.5 - 1.2m20
038-01-235/3Flexi-Lock 22mm 0.8 - 2.3m20

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