ThermoShield™ Heat and Moisture Exchange Filters (HMEFs) are used to protect patients and ventilators from cross infection and to warm and humidify the inspired gases.

thermoshield breathing filter.
thermoshield angled breathing filter
thermoshield breathing filter cap
Tethered Cap
thermoshield lure breathing filter
Tethered Cap
thermoshield angled breathing filter luer
Angled with LuerSafe
Secure Luer Lock

Easy to operate push-fit tethered luer lock cap is secured with a strap, reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.

LuerSafe Option

Cap-less, self-sealing valve that prevents wrong connections. The distinctive orange colour  of the LuerSafe valve and monitoring line clearly indicates the correct corresponding connectors.

038-41-350038-41-350STR038-42-350ThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter50
038-41-330038-41-330STRThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter Angled50
038-41-355038-41-355STR038-42-355038-42-355STRThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME FilterTethered Cap50
038-41-335038-41-335STRThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter AngledTethered Cap50
038-41-355LS038-41-355LSSTR038-42-355LSThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME FilterLuerSafe50
038-41-335LS038-41-335LSSTRThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter AngledLuerSafe50
038-41-356038-42-356038-42-356STRThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter + Low Profile Elbow (22M/15F)Tethered Cap50
038-42-356LSThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter + Low Profile Elbow (22M/15F)LuerSafe50
038-41-357038-41-357STRThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter + Catheter Mount + Low Profile Elbow (22M/15F)Tethered Cap50
038-41-359ThermoShield Bacterial / Viral HME Filter + Expandable Catheter Mount with Double Swivel Elbow & Double Port Cap and SealTethered Cap50

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