Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes

Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes with optimal size and shape provides a secure seal, making it ideal for short term intubations and emergency situations.

Distance Markings

Earlier indication of intubation depth during insertion with clear, bold print and check for any possible movement or dislocation of the endotracheal tube during the procedure.

Kink Resistant

Retains tube patency for patient safety, whilst softening at body temperature to conform to patient’s respiratory tract.

Coloured Inflation Line

For quick identification to differentiate from other tubing.

Rapid Inflation Pilot Balloon

Cuffed Endotracheal Tubes have a small balloon size, means less air is pushed into cuff, reducing potential tracheal wall necrosis when checking cuff inflation using the “squeeze” test.

Simple Verification

Small and rounded shape of the balloon gives a more responsive and tactile feel to the user for inflation check.

Reinforced Central Rib

Prevents complete collapse of the pilot balloon, during rapid deflation ensuring line to cuff is always open.

Patient Use

Single Use


Packed Sterile


DEHP Free and Latex Free

038-981-050 038-982-050038-984-050Standard Cuffed ET Tube5.0 10
038-981-055 038-982-055038-984-055Standard Cuffed ET Tube5.5 10
038-981-060 038-982-060 038-984-060 Standard Cuffed ET Tube6.0 10
038-981-065 038-982-065 038-984-065 Standard Cuffed ET Tube6.5 10
038-981-070 038-982-070 038-984-070 Standard Cuffed ET Tube7.0 10
038-981-075 038-982-075 038-984-075 Standard Cuffed ET Tube7.5 10
038-981-080 038-982-080 038-984-080 Standard Cuffed ET Tube8.0 10
038-981-085  038-982-085  Standard Cuffed ET Tube8.5  10
038-981-090  038-982-090   Standard Cuffed ET Tube9.0  10
038-981-095  Standard Cuffed ET Tube9.5  10
038-981-100 Standard Cuffed ET Tube10.0 10
038-981-105 Standard Cuffed ET Tube10.5 10

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