Reusable Manual Resuscitators

Reusable Manual Resuscitators manufactured from high quality materials that can be autoclaved up to 50 cycles for reliable resuscitation. The range, design and performance characteristics mirrors those of our single-use resuscitators.

MDI Port

Angled MDI port directs medication into patient airway, maximising effectiveness and reducing waste.

single use manual resuscitator mdi port
manometer single use

Optional Manometer

Optional Manometer Available in-pack or as a separate item, the single-use manometer gives a breath-by-breath read-out of delivered pressures.

Optional Adjustable PEEP Valve

Adjustable from 5 - 20cmH2O, the PEEP valve fits in place of deflector cap without the need to remove the mask or interrupt ventilation.

reusable resus bag peep valve

Grip and Control

Textured surface and optional strap gives grip and control of the ambidextrous bag, even when wearing gloves and in wet conditions.

Lightweight Construction

Low resistance valves and fast recoil non-PVC bag reduce user fatigue, even during lengthy ventilations.

Immediate Ventilation

Quick-to-open packaging and pre-fitted mask minimise set up time. Additional devices can be fitted without removing the Resuscitator from the patient.

Optional Strap

Facilitating single handed bag use, the adult bag strap frees the other hand to secure the mask or airway device. Double handed compression possible if required.

Colour Coded Pressure Relief Valve

Located centrally, the Pressure Relief Valve can be operated by either hand and the setting is visible from both sides and above.

Tamper-evident Packaging

Sealed in a clear carry bag for convenient storage. Tear-off strip assures contents are uncontaminated. Resealable after use for safe disposal of contaminated items.

Clear Valve Assembly

Unrestricted view of correct valve function, and reduced bulk so the user can verify mask or airway position and observe the patient.

Double Swivel Patient-End Connector

Reusable Manual Resuscitator Valve Assembly rotates 360˚ in two axes for an effective mask seal and bag position, whatever the approach angle.

Textured Reservoir Bag

The non-stick textured inner surface ensures complete inflation and correct bag function.

Patient Use

Reusable, up to 50 cycles


Latex Free

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