ProVu Video Stylet

ProVu Video Stylet is a new generation intubation device, combining modern visualisation technology with a unique ETT guidance system, ideal for every type of intubation.

Get to where you need to go

ProVu VS overcomes the limitations of existing video intubation devices, making navigating difficult airways effortless.

95° Range of Movement

Use the patented bi-directional control to flex or extend the manoeuvrable tip. The soft ET tube tip reduces possible trauma.

Removable Malleable Rod

Preform your ET Tube to any shape with the malleable rod, or remove it for even greater flexibility.

removable malleable rod ProVu Video Stylet


See ProVu Video Stylet in action. 


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Direct Visualisation

No need for an X-Ray. Innovative visualisation of ProVu VS, shows ET tube passage all the way down to the carina. 

Complete Visualisation

High-resolution camera technology with anti-fog coating, paired with a range of display sizes to suit your space.

Removable Malleable Rod

Remove malleable rod, for extra flexibility during nasotracheal intubation or intubating through a laryngeal mask.

Patient Use

Single Use


Packed Sterile


ProVu Reusable 3.5” Video Laryngoscope Display and Charging Dock
ProVu 8.0” Display + Charging Cable + 2m Amplifier Cable
ProVu Display Pole Stand and Articulating Arm
ProVu Articulating Arm
ProVu Single Use Wrist Holder for 3.5” Display
ProVu Display Table Stand
ProVu Universal Reusable 2m Amplifier Extension Cable
ProVu Dual Micro USB 1.0m Charging Cable
ProVu Charging Dock for 3.5” Display

038-990-065ProVu Single Use Video Stylet with ET Tube Size 6.55
038-990-070ProVu Single Use Video Stylet with ET Tube Size 7.05
038-990-075ProVu Single Use Video Stylet with ET Tube Size 7.55
038-990-080ProVu Single Use Video Stylet with ET Tube Size 8.05

The all in one place intubation workstation. Visualisation of the airway has never been easier, with the ProVu Intubation Station with options to use a 3.5 inch or 8 inch screen. 

display accessories

Our choice of 3.5" or 8" full-colour LCD screens provide rich, sharp contrasts, offering clear visualisation of the trachea and vocal cords.

provu video laryngoscope

ProVu VL was created for plug-and-play use with intuitive technology, and is ready to use within seconds. The wipe-down capable display, sterile, single-use handle and low-profile metal blade are designed for ease of use, reduced risk of cross-contamination, and patient safety.

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