ProVu Displays

ProVu displays assist video intubation with a crystal clear, ultra high quality image. 8” or 3.5” display options provide flexibility to the clinical situation and setting.


Repeated attempts at intubation are known to be associated with patient morbidity1
so it is important to get it right first time. ProVu Displays have been designed with
leading anaesthetists to help achieve first time intubation success in both routine
and difficult airway situations. 

provu video laryngoscope vl 3.5 inch display

ProVu 3.5" Displays

Our 3.5” display allows for a minimum of 60 minutes of continuous use from a full charge.

ProVu 8" Display

Our 8” display allows up to 90 minutes of use via battery from a full charge, or can be plugged in for continuous use.

provu 8 inch display and table stand
provu intubation display pole stand articulating arm

ProVu Pole Stand with Articulating Arm 

The all in one intubation workstation. Achieve the optimal screen viewing angle for you and the team, improving efficiency and decision making. Storage for ProVu devices in the basket and charging capabilities on the pole.

ProVu Table Stand

An elegant and sleek design, with anti-slip base plate enables you to place the 8” display at the required height and angle.

provu table stand animated gif
provu display charging dock

ProVu Charging Dock

The 3.5″ display charger ensures you are always ready for your next intubation.


1 Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in patients with COVID-19 T. M. Cook,1 K. El-Boghdadly,2 B. McGuire,3 A. F. McNarry,4 A. Patel5 and A. Higgs6.

Battery Indicator

On screen battery indicator clearly displays amount of power left. Affording you safety in mind that you have enough power to complete your video intubation procedure.

Landscape Orientation

The landscape orientation of the display provides a wider view of the airway, allowing early visualisation of the ET Tube aiding accurate placement.

Reduce Contamination

ProVu Displays are wipeable so can be easily disinfected with standard and high level disinfectants. Reducing risk of cross- contamination and making it ready to use for the next patient intubation.

040-07-0035ProVu Reusable 3.5” Video Laryngoscope Display and Charging Dock1
038-990-002ProVu Reusable 8.0” Video Stylet Display, Charging Cable and 2m Amplifier Cable1
038-990-100ProVu Single Use Wrist Holder for 3.5” Display10
038-990-101ProVu Display Pole Stand and Articulating Arm1
038-990-102ProVu Display Table Stand1
038-990-104ProVu Articulating Arm1
040-07-0020ProVu Universal Reusable 2m Amplifier Extension Cable1
038-990-013ProVu Dual Micro USB 1.0m Charging Cable1
038-990-010ProVu Charging Dock for 3.5” Display1
provu video laryngoscope

ProVu VL was created for plug-and-play use with intuitive technology, and is ready to use within seconds. The wipe-down capable display, sterile, single-use handle and low-profile metal blade are designed for ease of use, reduced risk of cross-contamination, and patient safety.

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provu video STYLET

ProVu Video Stylet is a new generation intubation device, combining modern visualisation technology with a unique ETT guidance system, ideal for every type of intubation.

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The all in one place intubation workstation. Visualisation of the airway has never been easier, with the ProVu Intubation Station with options to use a 3.5 inch or 8 inch screen. 


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