Monitoring Lines

Monitoring lines are lines intended to channel samples of gases to determine EtCO2 during critical and surgical situations. The line makes the connection between a sampling port and a capnograph.

monitoring lines male
monitoring lines female
microstream monitoring lines
Compatible Luer

Monitoring Lines

The LuerSafe monitoring lines are developed to be used with connectors and devices that have the LuerSafe port. The port is closed when no line is attached and opens while connecting the LuerSafe monitoring line. The distinctive orange colour of the LuerSafe valve and monitoring line clearly indicates the correct corresponding connectors.

monitoring lines luersafe

010-700Monitoring Line - M / M - 2m Tubing25
010-700XMonitoring Line - M / M - 3m Tubing25
010-704Monitoring Line - M / M - 4m Tubing25
010-705Monitoring Line - F / F - 2m Tubing25
010-710Monitoring Line - M / F - 2m Tubing25
010-710XMonitoring Line 3m with M / F Luer Connectors25
010-712Monitoring Line 3m, Filter, Microstream Compatible Luer25
010-720LuerSafe Monitoring Line 2m with Male Luer / Male LuerSafe Connectors25
010-721LuerSafe Monitoring Line 3m with Male Luer / Male LuerSafe Connectors25
010-725LuerSafe Monitoring Line 2m with Male LuerSafe / Female Luer Connectors25

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