Medium Concentration Masks

Soft and pliable mask that moulds easily to the patient’s face, with a feathered-edge rim for excellent fit and seal to provide maximum comfort and efficacy.

Patient Comfort

Knitted latex free strap maintains its width when stretched and reduces pressure on patients’ skin, helping protect from pressure sores.

Clear Observation of Face Colour and Vitals

Clear and colourless mask for quick and easy assessment of potential cyanosis.

Soft and Flexible

The masks seals comfortably to the face without pressure points. Horizontal Gas Flow minimises irritation and drying of the eyes.

Swivel Connector

The connector can be rotated to the most convenient and comfortable position, accommodating for patient movement and oxygen supply from either side.

Strap Options

Choose headstrap or earloops, ideal for patients with restricted head movement or find the strap behind the head uncomfortable.

Stepped Oxygen Inlet

Quick, easy and secure connection to oxygen tubing.

032-10-001032-10-001SM032-10-008Medium Concentration Mask with Head Strap50
032-10-001NCMedium Concentration Mask with Nose Clip and Head Strap50
032-10-002032-10-002SM032-10-009Medium Concentration Mask with Head Strap and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-002/1Medium Concentration Mask with Head Strap and 3.0m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-002NCMedium Concentration Mask with Nose Clip Head Strap and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-002NCBVMedium Concentration Mask with Nose Clip and 4.0m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-013Medium Concentration Mask with Ear Loops50
032-10-014Medium Concentration Mask with Ear Loops and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-014NCMedium Concentration Mask with Nose Clip Ear Loops and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50

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