MaxiNeb® Nebulisers

Intended to convert suitable liquid medication into a mist of fine particles for inhalation by a patient with the intent that the particles be deposited directly into the lower airway. MaxiNeb nebulisers have a low Dead Volume, short nebulising time, optimal MMAD and high percentage of aerosol mass in the Respirable Range.


MaxiNeb is a high output nebuliser which delivers medication quickly and efficiently.

MaxiNeb 90

Features all the benefits of MaxiNeb, but functions at angles up to 90˚, making MaxiNeb 90 ideal for recumbent patients.

Patient Choice

Attaches to either an aerosol mask, mouth piece or T-Piece, for a wide choice of delivery options.

Anti-Spill Design

Easy ¼ turn cap creates a secure leak-proof seal and the wide tripod legs keeps MaxiNeb stable and upright, even on uneven surfaces.

Clear Chamber

Graduations aid drug dilution and monitoring the nebulisation process through to completion.

032-10-003032-10-015MaxiNeb Nebuliser50
032-10-004MaxiNeb Nebuliser with T-Piece and Mouthpiece50
032-10-004AMaxiNeb Nebuliser with T-Piece50
032-10-005032-10-019MaxiNeb Nebuliser with T-Piece Mouthpiece and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-005CMaxiNeb Nebuliser with T-Piece Mouthpiece with 0.15m Corrugated and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-007032-10-016MaxiNeb Nebuliser, Adult Aerosol Face Mask with and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-007NC032-10-016NCMaxiNeb Nebuliser, Adult Aerosol Face Mask with Nose Clip and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-011032-10-017MaxiNeb Nebuliser, Paediatric Aerosol Mask and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50
032-10-018AMaxiNeb Nebuliser, Neonatal Aerosol Mask and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing50

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