FL-10000 Respiratory Humidifier

Flexicare’s Respiratory Humidifiers provide warmed and humidified inspired gases to patients requiring ventilation or respiratory support.


FL-10000 intuitively guides you through the simple set-up process step-by-step, each option clearly displayed with large visual cues.

Select therapy and circuit type

Select the desired therapy mode and circuit type to meet your patient’s respiratory requirements:

  • Invasive/Non-Invasive modes
  • Dual/Single Limb Circuits
  • Heated/Non-Heated Circuits


Advanced features give complete control over temperature and humidity settings. Use the default temperature settings or access the password-protected advanced settings to adjust temperatures within the recommended range to suit your patient’s needs.1

Touch screen humidification

The FL-10000 Respiratory Humidifier has an ergonomic touch screen user interface, is easy to operate and provides the information you need at a glance through a large LCD display.

+ Packed with advanced features. 

+ Simple to operate.


Humidification During Invasive and Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation: 2012, Ruben D Restrepo and Brian K Walsh, Respiratory Care May 2012, 57 (5) 782-788

5.2“ Touch Screen Interface

Easy to read high-contrast display even in direct sunlight.​

Advanced Settings Mode

Allows you to easily set the required temperature outside the normal parameters for a continuous level of humidity to your patients.

Passcode Protection

Protect your custom settings with a 4-digit passcode to prevent unauthorised changes.

Intuitive Alarm Messages

FL-10000 displays clear on-screen fault diagnoses and alerts you with audible alarms.

Language Selection

FL-10000 can be setup to display 6 different languages. Available include English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Warning Logs

Records a full list of warnings, alarms and errors for traceability.

FL10000Respiratory Humidifier Heater - UK Plug1
FL10000-01Respiratory Humidifier Single Heated Wire Humidifier Adapter Lead1
FL10000-02Respiratory Humidifier Dual Heated Wire Humidifier Adapter Lead1
FL10000-03Respiratory Humidifier Temperature Probe Lead 1.5m1
FL9000-04Respiratory Humidifier Single Use Temperature Probe Lead 1.5m20
FL9000-04STRRespiratory Humidifier Single Use Temperature Probe Lead 1.5m - Sterile20
FL10000 AUSRespiratory Humidifier Heater - with 3 Pin Australia Plug1
FL10000CLRespiratory Humidifier Heater – Chile Plug1
FL10000CNRespiratory Humidifier Heater – China Plug1
FL10000EURespiratory Humidifier Heater - European 230V With 2 Pin Plug1
FL10000INDIARespiratory Humidifier Heater – India Plug1
FL10000ITRespiratory Humidifier Heater - European 230V With 2 Pin Plug1
FL10000THARespiratory Humidifier Heater – Thai Plug1

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