F2-EZ Urine Drainage Bag

Designed to be opened quickly whilst allowing controlled drainage of fluids, F2-EZ Urine Drainage Bag is designed with a simple twist-snap tap to enable the urine to be directed and emptied easily.

The Twist-snap tap is located either at in the top corner of the bag to offer a ‘jug’ effect and greater control when emptying, or by the bottom of the bag offering vertical drainage.

Safe and Secure Urine Drainage Bag

The non-return valve (NRV) is designed to allow low pressure drainage in one direction while preventing flow in the opposite direction, reducing the risk of ascending infection.

Secure Connection

Our stepped connectors are featured on the F2-EZ and F2-EZB offering secure and reliable connection to catheters and urine drainage bag solutions.

Twist-Snap Tap

The innovative easy-to-open angled connector with wide bore for rapid drainage is twisted to break the seal and drain.

00-2201F2 2L Non-Drainable Bag Non-Sterile250
00-2202F2 2L Non-Drainable Bag Sterile100
00-2203F2-EZ 2L Once Drainable Bag with Twist-Snap Top Tap Non-Sterile100
00-2208F2-EZB 2L Once Drainable Bag with Bottom Twist-Snap Tap Non Sterile100
00-2203CF2-EZ 2L Once Drainable Bag with Twist-Snap Top Tap Non-Sterile10
00-2208CF2-EZB 2L Once Drainable Bag with Bottom Twist-Snap Tap Non Sterile10
00-2202CF2 2L Non-Drainable Bag Sterile10


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