Dual Mask

Dual Mask provides continual monitoring of carbon dioxide exhaled from both mouth and nose whilst delivering supplementary oxygen. Pre-fitted oxygen and sampling lines makes set-up quick and easy.

Dual Masks and Nasal Cannulas simultaneously deliver supplementary oxygen and enable EtCO2 monitoring when using a sidestream or Microstream™ capnometer.

Guidelines1-7 require EtCO2 monitoring of all moderately or deeply sedated patients, for patients being recovered from anaesthesia or moderate or deep sedation, and during CPR to monitor ET tube placement, efficacy of chest compressions and early indication of return of spontaneous circulation.

dual mask in use etco2 monitoring
End-Tidal CO2 Monitoring & O2 Delivery

Delivering accuracy

with every breath

Dual Mask has been proven to be the most efficient in sampling end tidal CO2 in an independent comparative study8 in a simulated patient.

monitoring lines male

Male Luer

monitoring lines female

Female Luer

microstream monitoring lines

Microstream™ Compatible Luer


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3 AAGBI Safety Statement May. 2011
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Microstream is a registered trademark of Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

Easy Fit with Good Seal

Soft and pliable, Dual Mask moulds easily to the patient’s face, with a feathered-edge rim for maximum comfort.

Comfort and Security

Oxygen tubing and CO2 monitoring line are lightly bonded together, but can be separated to reach the flow meter and capnometer, minimising clutter around the patient.

Patient Comfort

Soft Touch tubing reduces friction for increased comfort over the ears and across the face.

032-10-131032-10-130032-10-133032-10-132032-10-190Adult Dual Mask2.1m50
032-10-133A032-10-132A032-10-191Adult Dual Mask3.0m50
032-10-135032-10-134032-10-137032-10-136Adult Dual Mask with Nose Clip2.1m50
032-10-139032-10-138032-10-141032-10-140032-10-192Small Adult Dual Mask2.1m50
032-12-143032-12-142032-12-145032-12-144032-12-190Paediatric Dual Mask2.1m50
032-12-191Paediatric Dual Mask3.0m50

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