With a large working channel concealed in a medium-sized scope, Broncoflex™ single-use flexible bronchoscopes bring innovation with two sizes that cover the full range of flexible bronchoscopy indications.

HD Visualisation System

Much more than a simple touch screen, the viewing system incorporates an algorithm that ensures the display of a high definition image, even for a single-use device.

Screeni™ offers a coherent system: it has been conceived and designed to simplify its use, with unparalleled ease of management and implementation. The system is mobile and lightweight so that it can be easily used in often small spaces.

screeni hd broncoflex

High Definition Display


Screeni™ HD is much more than a simple touch screen, the viewing system incorporates an algorithm that ensures the display of a high-definition image.

screeni hd broncoflex

Connection Guide


The Screeni™ is equipped with a quick-connect bracket enabling the system to be attached to an IV pole. The monitor can be detached from its mounting bracket in just a few seconds to be placed on a cart if necessary.

screeni hd broncoflex



Mobile and lightweight so that it can easily be used in often small spaces. Agile and Vortex endoscopes can be suspended on the Screeni™ support feet.

 Intuitive interface with photo and video record

Data transfer by USB key

Ergonomic and shock absorbing handles

10.1” touch screen

1280 x 800 Resolution

Video output via HDMI


Easy-grip handle is very similar to using a reusable endoscope with identical working channel access and a leak-tight biopsy valve.


The precise, flexible deflection mechanism enables up and down distal angulation of more than 200°. The high resistance of the Broncoflex system maintains superior angulation, even when an instrument is inserted into the working channel.

Secretion management

The wide distal opening forms a suction cone that helps facilitate the suction of secretions and fluids in distal proximity to the endoscope.

High suction performance

True 2.8mm working channel and large 9.95mm suction area.

Most precise bending angle on the market

Flexible bronchoscope tip with more than 200° for both sizes.

Superior image quality

CMOS sensor and enhanced image treatment algorithm.

Internal diameter of operator channel (mm)

Agile 1,4
Vortex 2,8

Angle of deflection

Agile 220/220°
Vortex 200/200°

Compatibility ET sonde

Agile 5mm
Vortex 6mm

Compatibility DLT sonde

Agile 35mm
Vortex 41mm



MDD Classification


Part NumberDescriptionQTY
20030001Broncoflex Agile5
10030001Broncoflex Vortex5
30030000Screeni HD1

Broncoflex™ is a registered trademark of The Surgical Company Endovision.

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