BritePro™ Solo

BritePro Solo is a single-use, pre-packaged ergonomic handle with pre-fitted batteries, bright LED light, and the all-metal BriteBlade Pro™ combined in robust sterile packaging. Test in pack, without compromising the sterile seal. Simply open when needed, use and dispose.

Reduced Profile Blades

Reduction in the shoulder and block height lowers the risk of dental trauma and provides additional space to manoeuvre the blade to obtain the best view. Typical overall height reduction of 71% in curved blades and up to 25% in straight blades.

reduced profile laryngoscope blade comparison
britepro solo standard handle

Standard Handle

Sterile packed. Textured grip delivers excellent control and feel.

Mini Handle

Developed for neonates and small infants, the lightweight slimline handle gives outstanding tactile feedback.

miller handle britepro solo
stubby handle britepro solo

Stubby Handle

40% shorter than our standard handles for use when space is limited or reduced neck flexion. Ergonomic barrel shape.

What Anaesthesiologists Say

We asked what Anesthesiologists think about of BritePro Solo, the single patient use laryngoscope. Find out what they said about the individual sterile pack, reliability, patient safety and cost savings.

"The first time I held BritePro Solo, I was surprised it was actually disposable!"

Dr. David English / Newport Beach Center for Surgery

"It’s incredibly reliable. You have everything you need right there in one package. You open that and you’re ready to go. From a patient safety issue, I don’t think there’s any better solution for a laryngoscope."

Dr. Justin Bush / Newport Harbor Anesthesia Consultants

Why Single Use? 

Handles are known to be a source of cross-contamination and studies have shown that wiping the handles with impregnated germicidal wipes is not effective - with between 86%1 and 75%2 remaining positive for bacterial contamination.

Layngoscopes are classed as high risk. The AAGBI states that single use “is encouraged” and acknowledges that “single use disposable equipment will remove the difficulties of re-use and decontamination procedures”. The AAGBI also states that reusable handles be “sterilised by SSDs after every use”3.

Single use is cost effective compared with reusable purchase, maintenance, replacement, reprocessing and sterilisation costs.

1 Williams D, Dingley J, Jones C, Berry N. Contamination of Laryngoscope Handles. Journal of Hospital Infection (2010) 74, 123-128
2 Call T, Auerbach F, Riddell S, Kiska D, Thongrod S, Tham S, Nussmeier N. Nosocomial Contamination of Laryngoscope Handles: Challenging Current Guidelines. International Anesthesia Research Society (2009) Vol. 109, No. 2
3 AAGBI Safety Guideline: Infection Control in Anaesthesia (2008)


BritePro Solo’s unique textured grip delivers excellent control and feel, while the high intensity white light provides excellent visualisation.

Reduced Handling Before and After Use

Take straight from the sterile pack, use and safely dispose without removing the batteries, reducing risk of cross-contamination between patients and staff.

Interchangeable Blades

Quick and easy exchange of metal blade type and size without having to open another BritePro Solo pack.


100% Metal


Packed Sterile

Patient Safety

Single Use

040-340NBritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle0010
040-340BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle010
040-331040-341BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle110
040-332040-342BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle210
040-01-0121BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle2 Strong Curve10
040-333040-343BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle310
040-336BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle3 Strong Curve10
040-335BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle3.510
040-334040-344BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle410

040-350N040-02-0400BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle0010
040-350040-02-0401BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle010
040-02-0110040-351040-02-0410BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle110
040-02-0415BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle1.510
040-02-0120040-02-0420BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle210
040-02-0430BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle310
040-02-0440BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle410

040-03-0130040-03-0630BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Stubby Handle310
040-03-0140040-03-0640BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Stubby Handle410

040-361BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle110
040-362BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle210
040-365040-01-0730040-363040-01-0630BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle310
040-366040-01-0740040-364040-01-0640BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle410

040-01-0810040-01-0730BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle110
040-01-0820040-01-1120BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle210

040-310BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Standard Handle20
040-309BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Mini Handle20
040-03-0000BritePro Solo Single-Use Laryngoscope Stubby Handle20

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