Anaesthesia Face Masks

Flexicare offers a wide range of single-use and re-usable anaesthesia face masks. The single-use masks have an inflated cushion that creates an excellent ventilation seal with high patient comfort. Standard masks are available without hooks, reducing waste.

unscented anaesthesia face mask

Unscented Single-Use
Anaesthesia Face Masks 


Unscented pre-filled inflatable anaesthetic disposable face masks are available in a choice of sizes.

Scented Single-Use 
Anaesthesia Face Masks


Offered in three aromas: Lemon, Strawberry and Vanilla to help overcome the unpleasant smell of anaesthetic gases.

reusable silicone anaesthesia face mask

Silicone Reusable 
Anaesthesia Face Masks


Fully autoclavable up to 50 times. Textured moulded rim for maximum patient comfort and tight seal, with the transparent face piece for patient monitoring.

038-51-390NH038-51-390Face Mask X-Large Adult650
038-51-400NH038-51-400038-51-400SFLNH038-51-400SFL038-51-400SFPFace Mask Large Adult550
038-51-410NH038-51-410038-51-410SFLNH038-51-410SFL038-51-410SFPFace Mask Adult450
038-52-415NH038-52-415038-52-415SFLNH038-52-415SFL038-52-415SFS038-52-415SFPFace Mask Large Child350
038-52-420NH038-52-420038-52-420SFLNH038-52-420SFL038-52-420SFS038-52-420SFPFace Mask Child250
038-52-430NH038-52-430038-52-430SFLNH038-52-430SFL038-52-430SFS038-52-430SFPFace Mask Small Child150
038-53-440NH038-53-440038-53-440SFLNH038-53-440SFL038-53-440SFS038-53-440SFPFace Mask Neonatal050

038-51-400SILFace Mask Large Adult510
038-51-410SILFace Mask Adult410
038-52-415SILFace Mask Large Child310
038-52-420SILFace Mask Child210
038-52-430SILFace Mask Small Child110
038-53-440SILFace Mask Neonatal010

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