A pocket sized peak flow meter, with a handle for easy use. Airzone features a special zoning system, which allows safe and accurate self-management.

This pocket sized peak flow meter is suitable for both adults and children, it features a special zoning system; which allows safe and accurate self-management when taking a peak flow test.

The Airzone is individually calibrated to ensure accuracy and reliability, all at an affordable price. This portable peak flow meter includes a handle, for easy use. Available in both ATS and EU scales. The Airzone measures peak expiratory flow between 60-720 L/min ATS and 60-800 L/min EU.


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The AirZone was introduced in 1997 to enable individual patients to monitor their peak flow in relation to specific values for their personal asthma management plan.

The coloured zone markers enable ranges to be indicated to help the patient to recognise when actions need to be taken. The peak flow test is easy to carry out due to coloured zone markers enabling ranges to be indicated to help the patient to recognise when actions need to be taken.


Available in ATS and EU scales

Suitable for adults and children

Individually calibrated for absolute accuracy

Conforms to NAEP guidelines

Lightweight and compact allowing a peak flow test to be carried out anywhere
Handle attached for easy use

Simple to clean

Wide range of consumable available to minimise cross infection

Zoning system allows self-management

Windmill incentive trainer available, ideal for children.

Individually Calibrated

Every AirZone peak flow meter is individually assembled and calibrated by highly trained operatives to ensure consistent performance. All calibration test equipment is frequently checked to ensure that the highest of standards are met. The accurate scales cover 60-800 L/min.

Two scales

AirZone peak flow meters are manufactured to one of two standards; the EU and ATS.

Optional Windmill Trainer

Peak flow requires a forceful exhalation and to encourage young children to do this, the Windmill trainer is an incentive challenge. By moving the Windmill further from the mouth more exhalation force is required to turn it.

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3130160Airzone Peak Flow Meter (EU Scale) in a box5
3131001AirZone Peak Flow Meter (EU Scale) in a poly bag1
3130119AirZone Peak Flow Meter (ATS Scale) in a box5
3130057AirZone Peak Flow Meter (ATS Scale) in a poly bag1
3104262AirZone Windmill Trainer50

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