Mapleson Circuits

A comprehensive range of semi-open anaesthesia circuits are available, to suit your clinical needs. All systems are supplied with one spare 22mm male connector to accommodate most connection configurations.

Mapleson A

Mapleson A has a reservoir bag close to the fresh gas inlet with the APL valve placed at the patient end. During the expiratory phase, exhaled gases force the fresh gas back into the circuit and reservoir bag, escaping through the APL valve.

Mapleson C

Mapleson C has the reservoir bag positioned very close to the patient and can also be used for manual ventilation during resuscitation. 

Mapleson D

Mapleson D is mainly used with ventilated patients, also known as a Bain circuit. Mapleson D circuits are coaxial. The fresh gas flow is close to the patient and the APL valve is placed away from the patient.

038-01-256038-01-256AgMapleson A Magill System (1.6m)2L60cmH2O20
038-01-257038-01-257AgMapleson A Parallel Lack System (1.6m)2L60cmH2O20
038-01-255Mapleson C Bagging System (1.6m)2L60cmH2O15F/6-9mm Adaptor20
038-01-258Mapleson C Bagging System (2.1m)2L60cmH2O22mm F Adaptor, Star Lumen Tubing20
038-01-258AMapleson C Bagging System (4.0m)2L60cmH2O22mm F Adaptor, Star Lumen Tubing20
038-01-251038-01-251AgMapleson D Coaxial System (1.6m)2L60cmH2O20
038-01-253Mapleson D Coaxial System (2.4m)2L60cmH2O20
038-01-254038-01-254AgMapleson D Coaxial System (5.4m)2L60cmH2O20
038-01-200Mapleson D Coaxial System (1.6m)22mm M Connector20
038-01-210038-01-210AgMapleson D Coaxial System (2.4m)22mm M Connector20
038-01-200B038-01-200BAgMapleson D Coaxial System (1.6m)2L22mm M/15mm F Connector, 2x M/M Connector, 1.6m Limb10

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