Suction yankauers, suction catheters and suction tubing available in a range of sizes and lengths to provide concise suction control for a wide range of uses in a clinical environment. 

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Flexicare Suction Yankauers provide effective suction without aspiration of surrounding tissue, and a choice of with or without fingertip vacuum control. Transparent, with a smooth inner lumen for uninterrupted suctioning and rapid passage of material.

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A smooth outer surface, rounded tip to reduce risk of injury and soft edges to the double sided eyelets positioned to prevent blockages, makes the sterile Suction Catheter ideal for Oral, Tracheal or Endobronchial suctioning. Available as Standard or with Vacuum Control.

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Strong wall construction makes the suction tubing collapse resistant under high negative pressure and is ideal for the removal of fluids during medical procedures and treatments.

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