The Story Behind Our Rebrand

25th May 2023

We have been carefully considering how we communicate our vision and values and started re-examining our brand identity. The result is a full rebrand that more accurately reflects who we are, and our direction for the future. 

We have redefined our vision, mission and values to align them with our exceptional growth and our strategic targets, emphasising our commitment to provide solutions for a wide range of healthcare environments and promoting positive patient outcomes. 

Our Vision

Inspiring confidence,
empowering clinical excellence

Our Mission

Pioneering sustainable innovations to advance
clinical therapies, improving patient care.

Our Values


We are driven to provide intuitive solutions that promote clinical confidence and enhances patient care.


We take an ethical approach to design and development, ensuring sustainability for our future.


We proudly support the ever-changing needs of our healthcare environment.


We foster a spirit of personal growth that creates a positive and inclusive culture.

Our new emblem

Our new brand emblem maintains our familiar signature F shape that has been a staple of our brand for the last 20 years. It is constructed of only one re-used element, to reinforce our sustainability goals. 

Our emblem represents our lungs – our vital organ for oxygen exchange and our primary focus as a supplier of respiratory devices to over 105 countries around the world.

Each segment is also shaped like a leaf to signify our considerations to climate
control and building a more natural, sustainable business model that accentuates our individuality, celebrates the contributions of our people and challenges the markets that we operate in.

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