ProVu Video Laryngoscope

ProVu Video Laryngoscope was created with intuitive technology for plug-and-play use. Ready to use in seconds. The wipeable display with sterile, single-use handle and low-profile metal blade are designed for ease of use, reduced risk of cross-contamination, and patient safety.

Ideal for elective and unanticipated difficult airways

Difficult airways remain a challenge and unsuccessful management of the difficult airway is a main cause of complication in anesthesia. When intubating, either electively or facing an unanticipated difficult airway, it is recommended the products used are reliable and familiar.1

ProVu Video Laryngoscope Macintosh blade is the same shape and profile of our popular BritePro Solo, providing reliability with the added advantage of video technology.

Apply familiar airway management techniques with confidence while sharing a better view with your team.

provu video laryngoscope vocal cords display connected handle
provu video laryngoscope screen tilt

70˚ Screen Tilt

When space is restricted, the ProVu Display can be tilted, optimising your visual placement of the laryngoscope blade without changing your technique.

Plug and Go

ProVu Video Laryngoscope has an intuitive “plug and go” interface. Wake the display with one touch of a button. The responsive, text-free display is ready to go. 

provu vl display detach connect


The ProVu Laryngoscope imaging system has a focal length, field of view and illumination field optimised for an improved view of the glottic anatomy. Combined with excellent color rendition, blackout and  blind-spot reduction technology, ProVu Video Laryngoscopes reduce the shadowing effect of an ET Tube when inserted into the upper airway.

single use symbol with provu video laryngoscope

Single Use Safety

ProVu Video Laryngoscope blade and handle are single-use, which limits the handling of a contaminated device and reducing the risk of cross-infection.

The ProVu Display can be easily decontaminated using standard disinfectants, so the product is free from contamination and ready to use for the next patient.

Video technology has made intubation easier, but has it made it safer?

Laryngoscope handles are considered high risk as they are often contaminated with blood, indicating penetration of mucous membranes and are a potential source of cross contamination and Hospital Acquired Infections, placing both patients and staff at risk.2,3

Current practices for decontamination and disinfection between patients can be ineffective, potentially leaving residual contamination that could be a source of cross-infection.2

ProVu Video Laryngoscope handles and blades are single-use, removing the need for decontamination.

provu video laryngoscopes with macintosh blades


The Macintosh blade is the same shape and profile of the successful and reliable BriteBlade Pro, ideal for routine intubation, but with the advantages of video technology to aid intubation. 

provu video laryngoscopes with hyperangulated blades


The shape, profile and angulation of the Hyper Blades provide a superior view of the glottic opening without having to align the oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal axis reducing the need for lifting pressure and potential for trauma to the patient. Ideal for difficult, anterior airways and patients with restricted neck movement.


1 Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in patients with COVID-19 T. M. Cook,1 K. El-Boghdadly,2 B. McGuire,3 A. F. McNarry,4 A. Patel5 and A. Higgs6.

 2 Lowman W. Bacterial contamination of re-usable laryngoscope blades during the course of daily anesthetic practice. SAMJ. June 2013.

3 Machan.M. Infection Control Practices of Laryngoscope Blades: A Review of the Literature AANA 2012.

More Available Space

At 12mm thickness, the ProVu Video Laryngoscope blade improves visualisation of the airway, and increases manoeuvrability and working space, reducing the risk of dental trauma.

Ultimate Confidence & Control

The ProVu single-use handle provides significant grip and comfort, with reduced height to facilitate difficult intubation particularly for situations with limited neck movement and obesity.

Optimal View

Achieve the optimal screen viewing angle for you and the team, improving efficiency and decision making.

Single-use safety

The ProVu video laryngoscope handle and blade is a single-use device, reducing the risk of cross-infection, reprocessing costs, time and storage.

100% All Metal Blade

Specially engineered metal blade provides the confidence needed for direct and video laryngoscopy.

Anti-Fog Design

The internally mounted Anti-Fog design reduces the need for warm up time and allows users to intubate quickly with a clear view.

Patient Use

Single Use


Packed Sterile


ProVu Reusable 3.5” Video Laryngoscope Display and Charging Dock
ProVu 8.0” Display + Charging Cable + 2m Amplifier Cable
ProVu Display Pole Stand and Articulating Arm
ProVu Articulating Arm
ProVu Single Use Wrist Holder for 3.5” Display
ProVu Display Table Stand
ProVu Universal Reusable 2m Amplifier Extension Cable
ProVu Dual Micro USB 1.0m Charging Cable
ProVu Charging Dock for 3.5” Display

040-08-0110040-09-0110ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Mac Blade Size 110
040-08-0120040-09-0120ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Mac Blade Size 210
040-08-0130ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Mac Blade Size 310
040-08-0140ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Mac Blade Size 410
040-08-2110040-09-2110ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Hyper Angulated Blade Size 110
040-08-2120040-09-2120ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Hyper Angulated Blade Size 210
040-08-2130ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Hyper Angulated Blade Size 310
040-08-2135ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Hyper Angulated Blade Size 3.510
040-08-2140ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Hyper Angulated Blade Size 410
040-09-0400ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Miller Blade Size 010
040-09-0401ProVu Single Use Video Laryngoscope Handle with Miller Blade Size 110

display accessories

Our choice of 3.5" or 8" full-color LCD screens provide rich, sharp contrasts, offering clear visualisation of the trachea and vocal cords.


The all in one place intubation workstation. Visualisation of the airway has never been easier, with the ProVu Intubation Station with options to use a 3.5 inch or 8 inch screen. 

provu video STYLET

ProVu Video Stylet is a new generation intubation device, combining modern visualisation technology with a unique ETT guidance system, ideal for every type of intubation.

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