MaxiNeb® Duo

A high performing, dual mode nebuliser which provides the clinician and patient with the ability to instantly switch between patient controlled or continuous treatment. MaxiNeb Duo improves patient comfort, increases caregiver and surrounding environment safety and reduces medicine wastage.

Patient Controlled Mode

Press/release the trigger to start/stop the treatment.

maxineb duo continuous nebuliser

Continuous Mode

 Press the trigger and engage the snap lock for continuous treatment.

MaxiNeb Duo Videos

MaxiNeb Duo Introduction

MaxiNeb Duo Features

How to Use

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Unique Design

Unique valve and filter design reduces medicine wastage. The patented dual mode improves patient comfort with the ability to switch between continuous or patient controlled treatment.

Expiratory Filter

Bacterial/Viral filter reduces the expiration of the aerosolised medicine, trapping bacteria and viruses reducing the risk of cross contamination and protecting caregivers and the clinical environment against aerosol inhalation.

Breath Enhanced Technology

When the patient inhales, the unique design of MaxiNeb Duo allows more air to enter the nebuliser, speeding up the circulation of the mist, enabling the treatment to immediately pass to the patient.

032-10-038Maxineb Duo Nebuliser, Mouthpiece and Tubing50
032-10-039Maxineb Duo Nebuliser, Mouthpiece, Tubing and Filter50
032-10-142Maxineb Duo Nebuliser, Mouthpiece, Tubing and PEP Cap50
032-10-143Maxineb Duo Nebuliser, Mouthpiece, Tubing Filter and PEP Cap50
032-10-056032-10-087Maxineb Duo Closed System Mask50
032-10-046032-10-083Maxineb Duo Nebuliser With Closed System Mask, Tubing and Filter50
032-10-049032-10-085Maxineb Duo Nebuliser With Closed System Mask, Tubing, Filter and Mouthpiece50
032-10-035Maxineb Duo Filter50

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