Helping patients control Asthma & COPD 

1st February 2024

Flo-Tone CR (Controlled Resistance) is a reusable training device with a built-in positive whistle that fits onto the mouthpiece of most aerosol inhalers. It emits a positive whistle sound which responds at the same flow rate of the inhaler, irrespective of the inhaler’s individual resistance. 

As a patient starts to inhale, the whistle provides a clear positive signal to actuate their inhaler and they will hear the whistle sound maintained as the medication is drawn deep into their lungs.  

Flo-Tone CR is part of our Respiratory Management Toolkit which helps you to diagnose, assess, train and control Asthma or COPD.

Clinically Proven 

“Flo-Tone CR device doubled the relative lung bioavailability and minimized the unwanted oropharyngeal deposition of inhaled salbutamol.” 

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In a 2022 study, using the urinary salbutamol excretion pharmokinetic model, a significant increase was shown of drug deposition in the lungs of the Clip-Tone and Flo-Tone + pMDI cohort compared with using pMDI alone. There was no difference between the Clip-Tone and Flo-Tone groups, showing equal efficacy.

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Key Features 

  • Low cost 
  • Reusable (single patient)  
  • Dishwasher safe or can be washed with warm soapy water and air dried 
  • Use as a patient training aid with a placebo inhaler or with an active pMDI to promote good inhaler technique. 
  • Compact and lightweight, use anywhere  
  • With normal daily use, each Flo-Tone CR will last 12 months 
  • Listed on NHS Drug Tariff (UK) 

While Spacers are regarded as the best way to ensure your patients are inhaling their prescribed pMDI drug correctly, if a patient is reluctant to use a Spacer, Flo-Tone CR is an easy alternative way to confirm inhaler are being used correctly. 

2 x Flo-Tone CR are supplied in a box called Flo-Tone MDI. Use one device and keep another as a spare to have available. Larger boxes of Flo-Tone CR are also available to purchase for clinics. 

Find out more about Flo-Tone CR, Able Spacer or A2A Spacer can help your patients take their inhaled medicine effectively and stay well  

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