Unique benefits of A2A and Able Spacers 

1st March 2024

The use of Spacers with aerosol (pMDI) inhalers is the best way to ensure your patients are inhaling their prescribed drug correctly and it is reaching the lungs.

Our A2A and Able Spacers are part of our Respiratory Management Toolkit designed to help improve your patients’ inhaler technique; diagnose, assess, train and control Asthma or COPD.

Key Features

  • Silver ion technology; the only spacers available that are anti-viral, antimicrobial and effective against Covid-19
  • Easy to clean, transparent plume shaped chambers
  • Easy one-way valve movement for small children or vulnerable people with low inspiratory flow rates (operating from less than 10 L/min)
  • Ideal 210ml chamber capacity
  • Anti-static masks with silver ion technology available for extra protection
  • Positive whistle sounds when the patient has the correct inhaler technique and their prescribed inhaled drug is reaching the lungs.
  • For small children (under 4s), the whistle mask can be used with our free Rafi-Tone App, a fun interactive game where animations and sounds are triggered by using your spacer correctly. (Available on iOS/Android).

About Rafi-Tone

Clinical evaluations showed:

  • Children were more accepting of using a mask and with greater compliance
  • Parents had more confidence their children were taking medication correctly
  • Improvement of symptoms with fewer A&E and GP appointments
View Clinical Evaluations


  • Uniquely collapsible, making it discrete, compact and portable. Fits into a handbag/sports bag/school bag
  • Small & Medium Masks
  • 210ml capacity (when extended)
  • Positive Whistle
  • Small, Medium & Large Masks
  • 210ml Capacity

Free of charge Inhaler Technique Training for you and your team is available on request.

If you would like to find out more about how Able Spacer, A2A Spacer and Rafi-Tone can help you, your child or your patients take their inhaled medicine effectively and stay well, please contact us.

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