Independent Studies Prove Mini-Wright Accuracy

8th April 2024

In two independent studies, Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter was shown to be one of only 2 peak flow devices (out of 12 devices tested) that met the ISO 23747 measuring ‘standards of accuracy’ and ‘successfully met all performance evaluation criteria’1,2, the other being a digital peak flow meter.

Mini-Wright is the only mechanical Peak Flow Meter that meets all required accuracy standards.1,2

Mini-Wright peak flow meters (PFMs) are the ‘Gold Standard’ imperative device for Health Care Professionals to accurately measure, diagnose and manage expiratory flow rate in respiratory conditions such as Asthma and COPD.

It also allows patients to monitor and keep track of their own peak flow readings and seek further help and advice following changes that may mean adjustments are required to their current treatment. A reassurance for patients, enabling them to best-manage their condition.


Mini-Wright Standard

For Peak Expiratory Flow rate of up to 880l/min.

Mini-Wright Low Range

For children or adults with a Peak Expiratory Flow rate of up to 400l/min.

Free of charge Inhaler Technique Training for you and your team is available on request.

If you would like to find out more about how Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meter can help you, your child or your patients take their Peak Flow Reading accurately and effectively and stay well,, please contact us.


1 VanZeller et al, “Comparison of bench test results measuring the accuracy of peak flow meters”, 2019.
2 Zhongping Wu, et al. “Performance testing for different peak expiratory flow meters”. 2022.

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