30 Year Anniversary

1st September 2019

Flexicare is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Established in 1989 this is Flexicare’s 30th year of operation in the medical device industry.

Flexicare is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of medical devices with a focus on anaesthesia, respiratory and urology products. Established in the UK in 1989 Flexicare now sells to over 105 countries internationally and has in-house manufacturing in China, Sri Lanka and the UK.

Flexicare operates from headquarters in Mountain Ash, Wales. With a base in the UK, Flexicare is supported through its subsidiaries, offices and related companies in the US, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Trading since 1989, Flexicare has experienced significant global growth, both organically and through selective acquisition.

Flexicare continues to deliver year on year growth, reaching new milestones in its 30th year of operation. The momentum that we have gained over the last few years has been as a result of new product introductions, establishing new markets and continued development. Our ideology of producing high quality medical consumables with a focus on exceeding customers’ expectations, has enabled Flexicare to build on its foundations.

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