Sterile Neonatal Single Heated Wire Breathing System




Kit 1 - Neonatal 15mm Single Heated Wire Breathing System 1.6m,Y-Piece with Suction Port, 0.3m Incubator Extension 15mm, Corrugated Expiratory Limb with Water Trap, Ported T-Pieces, 22M/22M,15F Connector, 8M/15M Connector, Adapter Tube, 22F/22M Elbow, 9-11F/22M,15F Connectors, 10M,8F/15M,11F Connectors, 15F/22F Heated Wire Adapter, Detachable Pressure Line, 0.15m Limb 9-11M/9-11M, 0.6m Limb 22F/22F, 0.6m Limb 15M,11F/22F & Auto-Fill Chamber

038-33-102 Kit 2 - As above without Auto-Fill Chamber 20