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Ventimask is an alternative for patients who are unsuitable for a High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC), such as those with blocked nasal passages or following trauma/surgery to the nasopharanyx. Attaching Ventimask to a humidified Single Limb Heated Wire Breathing System, and either an oxygen blender or Flexicare’s Humidity Adaptor and Venturi barrel, humidified HFOT using a face mask can easily be set up to meet the patient’s needs. 

Clinically proven that “only the Ventimask is able to provide a fixed and predictable oxygen concentration under conditions of the changing ventilatory patterns found in clinical practice.”1 Ventimask is the accepted standard for controlled oxygen therapy for exact oxygen concentration delivery, optimum clinical performance and greater patient acceptability.



037-10-007 VentiMask without Venturi Barrel 50

VentiMask with Venturi Barrel

037-10-004 Ventimask with 40% Red Venturi Barrel (10 litres/minute) 50
037-10-005 Ventimask with 60% Green Venturi Barrel (15 litres/minute) 50
037-10-009 Ventimask High O2 Concentration Set with 40% & 60% Venturi Barrels 50

1 Fixed performance oxygen masks. Hypoxic hazard of low-capacity designs. D Cox & C Gillbe. Anaesthesia, 1981, Volume 36, pages 958-964