F2-EZ Once Drainable 2L Bag

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F2-EZ is an innovative 2L drainage bag designed to be opened quickly and easily while allowing controlled drainage of fluids. The twist-snap tap is located at the top of the bag thus eliminating the possibility of splash, spray and cross contamination associated with tear bags. The bag is designed for single use and, once the twist-snap tap has been broken and the bag emptied, it can be easily disposed of.

Top Located Tap

Greatly reduces the risk of accidental contamination when draining the bag and the risk ascending infection by keeping the tap clear of potential contamination by touching the floor

F2-EZ Twist-Snap Tap

Innovative easy-to-open angled connector with wide bore for rapid drainage.

Non-Return Valve

Eliminates reflux and maintains directional flow of fluids. Flexicare NRVs are designed to allow low pressure drainage in one direction while preventing all flow in the opposite direction. This balance is critical to make sure that there is a free flow of urine into the bag while protecting the patient against ascending infection.

Opposing Diagonal Eyelet

The positioning of the eyelet allows the bag to be hung for emptying.

Stepped Connector

This provides a secure connection to all bags and catheters.


Hospital Pack 

00-2203 F2-EZ Hospital Pack- non-sterile bag, once-drainable with non-return valve and twist-snap tap 100

Community Pack

 00-2203C F2-EZ Community Pack - non-sterile bag, once-drainable with non-return valve and twist-snap tap  10