WyCath Meatal Dilator

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Flexicare's range of Hydrophilic coated meatal dilators are available with a standard tip or tapered tip designed to ease through strictures.

Hydrophilic Meatal Dilators

Hydrophilic coated for comfort and to ease insertion.

Range of Tips

Meatal Dilators available in Tapered and Standard tip


WyCath Meatal Dilators (Length 11cm)

  8ch 10ch 12ch 14ch 16ch 18ch
Tapered WMT08 WMT10 WMT12 WMT14 WMT16 WMT18
Standard WCM08 WCM10 WCM12 WCM14 WCM16 WCM18
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Meatal Dilator Guide