WyCath Uncoated Intermittent Catheters

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Flexicare has an extensive range of intermittent Uncoated Catheters with a variety of tips.

Range of Tips

Catheters are available with a range of Soft tip, Tapered tip, Tiemann tip and Standard tip

Range of Lengths

Available in standard, female, and paediatric lengths meeting all patient’s needs.

Colour Coded

All catheters and meatal dilators are colour coded for easy recognition.


WyCath Uncoated Catheters - Standard Length (40cm)

  10ch 12ch 14ch 16ch
Soft Tip USM10 USM12 USM14 USM16
Soft Tip, 4 Eyelets U4SM10 U4SM12 U4SM14 U4SM16
Tapered UTAM10 UTAM12 UTAM14 UTAM16

WyCath Uncoated Catheters - Female Length (18cm)

  8ch 10ch 12ch
Soft Tip USF08 USF10 USF12
Tapered UTA08 UTA10 UTA12

WyCath Uncoated Catheters - Paediatric Length (30cm)

  5ch 6ch 8ch 10ch
Soft Tip - - USP08 USP10
Tapered - UTAP06 UTAP08 UTAP10
Standard WUP05* UP06 - -
Tiemann - UTP06 UTP08 -

*This Catheter is 25cm in length