Flexicare’s range of ergonomically designed Reusable Manual Resuscitators with higher levels of Oxygen delivery provide fast effective care, even in the most difficult situations.

High oxygen concentrations at optimal tidal volumes, with the option of a blue 60 cmH2O (Adult) or yellow 40 cmH2O (Paediatric & Infant) Pressure Relief Valve, limits excessive ventilation, safeguarding the patient from harm.


Option of 60 or 40 cmH2O Pressure Relief Valves to prevent lung over-inflation and minimise gastric insufflation. Highest oxygen concentrations at volumes recommended in the ERC 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines1 and International Standards2.

Reduced Fatigue

Lightweight construction, low resistance valves and fast recoil bag reduce user fatigue, even during lengthy ventilations.

Grip & Control

Textured surface gives grip and control of the ambidextrous bag, even when wearing gloves and in wet conditions.

Adult Ventilation Bag Strap

Facilitating single handed bag use, the adult bag strap frees the other hand to secure the mask or airway device.

MDI Port

The MDI port is angled so medication is directed into the patient airway, maximising effectiveness and reducing waste.

Optional Manometer

Attaching the single use manometer gives breath-by-breath visualisation of
delivered pressures.

Double Swivel Patient End Connector

Valve Assembly rotates 360˚ in two axes for an effective mask seal and bag position, whatever the approach angle.

CO2 Monitoring

ERC 2015 Resuscitation1 and other Guidelines stipulate the use of capnography during in-hospital or pre-hospital CPR. Monitoring is possible with CapnoCareTM positioned between the Resuscitator and the airway device.

Optional Adjustable PEEP Valve

Fitted directly into the exhalation port, the PEEP valve can be adjusted between 5 and 20 cmH2O to help prevent lung collapse.


1 European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation 2015. Resuscitation, Vol. 95. October 2015.
2 BS EN ISO 10651-4:2009 Lung Ventilators. Part 4: Particular requirements for operator-powered resuscitators.