Bubble Humidifier


Due to the dryness of medical gases, it is recommended when oxygen is delivered in excess of 4 l/min, or when using a Nasal Cannula, that humidification is used to prevent damage to the respiratory tract and to improve patient comfort and compliance. A Bubble Humidifier adds moisture to the oxygen as it passes through (cold humidification) to deliver humidified gas to the patient. Bubble Humidifiers are suitable for both hospital and home environments.

Safety Pressure Valve

The pressure valve automatically opens at 6psi / 4psi should the outlet line become occluded.

PVC Nipple Diffuser

For home use, the PVC nipple diffuser extends the life of the humidifier and eliminates clogging of the diffuser apertures.

Recessed Connector with Screw Cap

Protects the connector from accidental damage or breakage.

Increased Humidification

The end of the inlet tube has a fine diffuser that produces very small gas bubbles to maximise the surface contact area, providing increased humidification of the oxygen. At the same time, the tiny bubbles produce a very low level of noise, improving the environment and helping patient rest.


032-10-090 Bubble Humidifier with PVC Diffuser - 200ml, 6psi (recommended for home use) 20
032-10-089 Bubble Humidifier with Fine Diffuser - 400ml, 4psi (recommended for hospital) 20