Nasal Hoods

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Flexicare’s range of single-use and reusable nasal hoods provide the best solution for nitrous oxide delivery during dental procedures.

Reduced Risk of Gas Leakage

The feathered edges provide a comfortable fit while maintaining a secure seal.

Increased Patient Compliance

Available in plain, but also a range of pleasant scents to help patients overcome anxiety associated with dental procedures.

Latex Free

Eliminating the risk of allergic reaction to latex


035-55-210 Nasal Hood Small Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-210G Nasal Hood Small Single-Use Grape 20
035-55-210S Nasal Hood Small Single-Use Strawberry 20
035-55-220 Nasal Hood Medium Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-220V Nasal Hood Medium Single-Use Vanilla 20
035-55-220S Nasal Hood Medium Single-Use Strawberry 20
035-55-230 Nasal Hood Large Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-230V Nasal Hood Large Single-Use Vanilla 20
035-55-230M Nasal Hood Large Single-Use Mint 20


035-55-110 Nasal Hood Small Reusable Plain 20
035-55-120 Nasal Hood Medium Reusable Plain 20
035-55-130 Nasal Hood Large Reusable Plain 20