Dual Nasal Hoods

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The unique Dual Nasal Hood with LuerSafe provides optional CO2 monitoring during dental procedures that utilise nitrous oxide or other forms of sedation. The Dual Nasal Hood is designed to provide gas to both nostrils and simultaneously sample EtCO2.

Flexicare’s range of single-use nasal hoods provide the best solution for nitrous oxide delivery during dental procedures.

Reduced Risk of Gas Leakage

The feathered edges provide a comfortable fit while  maintaining a secure seal. 

Increased Patient Compliance

Choice of pleasantly scented options to help patients overcome anxiety associated with dental procedures.

Capnography improves patient safety:

- Monitoring sedated patients breath-by-breath
- Early identification of hypoventilation and hyperventilation
- Perfusion warning sign

Unique LuerSafeTM Monitoring Port

Dual Nasal Hood features the unique cap-less self-sealing LuerSafe Monitoring Port. Fitting the corresponding colour-coded LuerSafe Monitoring Line opens the valve for an uninterrupted flow to sample exhaled EtCO2 levels. Should the monitoring line be incorrectly fitted or removed the valve will close, preventing any gas leakage.
LuerSafe eliminates the risk of erroneous misconnections, improving patient safety by ensuring that only the correct Monitoring Line can be connected.

Universal Adaptor

Supplied with every Dual Nasal Hood is a LuerSafe Monitoring Line and a Universal Adapter for both male and female connections.


035-55-310 Dual Nasal Hood Small Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-320 Dual Nasal Hood Medium Single-Use Plain 20
035-55-330 Dual Nasal Hood Large Single-Use Plain 20