The Non Rebreathing Mask delivers a high concentration of oxygen. The reservoir bag ensures adequate oxygen supply to meet unpredictable breathing patterns and tidal volumes.

Latex Free

Eliminates the risk of allergic reaction.

Star Lumen Tubing, Secured Oxygen Delivery

Star Lumen Tubing, with international standard connectors, ensures the flow of oxygen is maintained, even if the tube is kinked.

Reduced Risk of Patient Trauma

The elasticated earloop option on the adult mask eliminates the need for the patient’s head to be moved to fit the mask, reducing the risk of further injury.

Reduced Risk of Bag Occlusion

Castellations on the swivel connector ensures the flow of oxygen from the bag to the patient is uninterrupted.

Ease and Speed of Fitting the Mask

The mask can be fitted quickly and easily with the swivel connector being rotated to suit the patient’s position.