Flexicare has developed a wide range of ostomy care products to meet the different needs of patients for both colostomy or ileostomy, providing choice and flexibility that allows patients to maintain their normal lifestyles. 


Secure Easy Lock-in System

Two piece closed colostomy pouch which has a lock-in system with three easy-grip tabs making bag changes easy at any angle. The pouches are designed to be used with Flexicares range of skin friendly hydrocolloid barriers.

Slim Line Profile

The slim line design allows for the pouch to be worn with total discretion while maintaining maximum collection.

Soft Edges

The rounded pouch shape is free of any sharp angles which could cause discomfort, allowing users to move freely without the risk of snagging on clothing or on the skin.


Easy Emptying

The wide emptying port helps to facilitate quick discharge of the contents when required.

Secure Easy Lock-In System

Reassuring positive locking system provides confidence in having a leak free seal.


The safe and secure fastener provides piece of mind.