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LuerSafe improves patient safety by eliminating erroneous misconnections with standard luer connections that have been reported to result in adverse events and patient deaths.

The unique cap-less self-sealing LuerSafe port only accepts the corresponding colour coded LuerSafe monitoring line. This non-interchangeability with any standard luer means the misconnection risk is eliminated.

Cap-less Design

The self-sealing valve automatically prevents gas flow in or out of the filter when a monitoring line is not connected, eliminating the need to manually open and close a cap. The cap-less design avoids possible leaks or air entrainment around a loose or poorly fitted cap.

Colour Coded Valve

The distinctive orange colour coding of the LuerSafe valve and LuerSafe monitoring line clearly indicates the correct corresponding connectors.

Unique Design Luer Port

LuerSafe eliminates the risk of misconnection to standard luer connectors, such as IV tubing, ensuring the connection is to the monitoring line only.


Connecting the CO2 monitoring line to the LuerSafe port


Insert the colour coded monitoring line connector into the LuerSafe Port, pressing down and rotating in a clockwise direction.


Check the LuerSafe is securely locked and verify the capnography trace.


To remove, unscrew the monitoring line and the valve will self-seal.