Adult Pleated Hydrophobic Bacterial / Viral Filters

Hepashield Adult & Paediatric pleated hydrophobic bacterial / viral mechanical filters contain paper media specifically packed to maximise gas flow through the filter ensuring the surface area is fully utilised to provide superior 99.99999% filtration efficiency.

Universal Connection

HepaShield connectors prevent fitting in the wrong direction, and comply with current ISO standards, making them compatible for use with all breathing systems.

Secure Luer Lock

The easy to operate push-fit tethered luer lock cap is secured with a strap, eliminating the risk of misplacement or accidental loss.

Reduced Drag

The light weight of HepaShield reduces drag on Breathing Systems.

Reduced Risk of Pressure Marks

The rounded edges of the filter housing reduces the risk of leaving pressure marks on the patient.


Available as a sterile packed product for additional reassurance.