The combination of an electrostatic filter and HME media in an HMEF not only provides protection against cross-infection, but also uses heat and humidity from the patient’s expired breath to warm and humidify anaesthetic gases during inspiration. When the upper airway is bypassed, such as by intubation, cold and dry gases are delivered to the lungs, causing adverse physiological effects. Using an HMEF to passively warm and humidify the gases helps counteract the risk of atelectasis, epithelial damage and reduction of mucocillary transport.

ThermoShield HMEF's provide a high moisture output protecting patients against the adverse effects of prolonged dry gas exposure. 

Universal Connections

ThermoShield connectors prevent fitting in the wrong direction, and comply with current ISO standards, making them compatible for use with all breathing systems and airways.

Reduced Risk of Pressure Marks

The rounded shape with no sharp edges, reduces the risk of leaving pressure marks on the patient.

Secure Luer Lock

The easy to operate push-fit tethered luer lock cap is secured with a strap, eliminating the risk of misplacement or accidental loss. ThermoShield is also available with LuerSafe, Flexicare's unique self-sealing cap-less luer port. 


Available as a sterile packed product for additional reassurance.