The Intelligent Choice for Low Flow Anaesthesia

Inteliflo® is a single limb anaesthesia circuit with a double lumen tube divided by a central longitudinal septum. Adult and Paediatric circuits in a wide range of lengths with additional component options to suit all clinical needs, makes Inteliflo® the intelligent choice for low flow anaesthesia.

Less Compliance

The septal wall running along the length of the tube reduces compliance, delivering accurate gas volumes.

Less Drag

Absence of a Y-Piece lessens dead space, and when coupled with the lighter circuit weight, torsional forces transmitted to the patient airway device are reduced.

Maintenance of Normothermia

Transfer of heat from expiratory gases through the septal wall adds warmth to the inspiratory gas flow, helping combat the cooling effect of the oxygen supply and anaesthetic agents.

Gas Sampling Options

An integral monitoring line with machine end gas sampling port, or patient end gas sampling at the elbow meets set-up preferences.