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NasoClear is a simple and effective airway adjunct designed for easy insertion and maximum patient compliance.

In-Built Safety

NasoClear has an integrated connector designed to prevent the tube from travelling down the nasal passage and removes the need to use a safety pin, eliminating the risk of needle stick injury.

Reduced Risk of Injury

Rounded bevelled tip reduces mucosal wall trauma and guides the airway along the floor of the nasal passage.

Flared Nasal Opening

The large flared opening prevents the nasopharyngeal airway from physically travelling down the nasal passage and allows for comfortable positioning without obstructing the other nostril.

Clear Construction

Provides visual confirmation before insertion that there are no blockages.

Patient Comfort

NasoClear is better tolerated by awake patients than oropharyngeal airways.

Patient Fit

Available in 11 sizes for optimal patient fit.


038-95-004C NasoClear Size 4 4.0mm 20fr 10
038-95-045C NasoClear Size 4.5 4.5mm 22fr 10
038-95-005C NasoClear Size 5 5.0mm 24fr 10
038-95-055C NasoClear Size 5.5 5.5mm 26fr 10
038-95-006C NasoClear Size 6 6.0mm 28fr 10
038-95-065C NasoClear Size 6.5 6.5mm 28fr 10
038-95-007C NasoClear Size 7 7.0mm 30fr 10
038-95-075C NasoClear Size 7.5 7.5mm 32fr 10
038-95-008C NasoClear Size 8 8.0mm 34fr 10
038-95-085C NasoClear Size 8.5 8.5mm 36fr 10
038-95-009C NasoClear Size 9 9.0mm 38fr 10

Nasoharyngeal Airway Insertion Technique

NasoClear IFU 01 NasoClear IFU 02 NasoClear IFU 03
The length of the nasal airway can be estimated by the distance from the patient’s nostril to the earlobe, or the angle of the jaw. The nasal airway is best inserted when the patient is in the supine position. Lubricate the airway prior to insertion with a water soluble lubricant. Insert with the curve facing the opposing direction and follow the nasal passage whilst turning the nasopharyngeal airway through 180o