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Many hospitals have traditionally used re-usable devices, but are they aware that single patient use could save them money and improve the care of their patients? To explain the benefits, Flexicare has produced a new animated video, illustrating the importance of Single Patient Use devices. 


With over 1.7 million hospital acquired infections per year1 in the US alone, it’s important to raise awareness of single patient use medical devices, helping clinicians eliminate cross-infection and reduce risk.




The video poses challenging questions and presents statistics regarding the benefits of using single patient use devices to enhance patient safety, in a fun and imaginative way.

According to the AAGBI, “Where appropriate, single-use disposable equipment will remove the difficulties of re-use and decontamination procedures. The use of such equipment is to be encouraged.”2

Flexicare offers a wide range of single patient use devices, including BritePro Solo, LarySeal, Anaesthesia Face Masks, ET Tubes, Breathing Systems, and much more.

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