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Flexicare has released four new videos featuring the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier, adding to our expanding range of product support materials.

The new videos cover:

- Set up of the FL-9000
- The Control Panel
- Cleaning Instructions
- Available Accessories

Demonstrating the set up and use of a product such as the FL-9000 on screen can be more effective than printed instructions when training users on the correct use to provide the best patient care. Providing a comprehensive training support package is a vital element in giving customers confidence in the on-going use of the product.

Splitting the Guide into four separate videos makes the information more accessible and user friendly, as the viewer can quickly select the section of interest. FL-9000 differs from other Respiratory Humidifiers in many ways, so it is important that we support our customers with easy-to-access information and training.

FL-9000 User Guide videos now join the ever growing library of training and promotional videos on the Flexicare YouTube Channel, which in turn is just part of our range of product support materials provided through digital media – making them accessible on a smartphone, iPad, laptop or PC, for individual training or customer presentation.

Why not subscribe to the Flexicare YouTube Channel? You can access the video library more quickly and easily, and get a notification every time new material is added.