VentiMyst® Advanced Active Humidification delivers absolute humidity and manages excess rain-out

The use of respiratory humidifiers and heated wire breathing circuits for active humidfication offers many benefits, but can also lead to problems caused by rain-out.

VentiMyst® addresses these problems by preventing the build-up of rain-out in the expiratory limb.

  • Lower risk of contamination reaching either the ventilator or the patient
  • Minimises need to open or break the circuit to remove excess rain-out, therefore decreasing the risk of Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia1
  • Less risk of increased resistance to gas flow from fluid build-up in the expiratory limb or filter2

Effective Moisture Management

The VentiMyst® technology reduces the build up of rain-out.

Reduced Patient Risk

Reduced risk of accidental drainage of rain-out into the patient's airway.4

Double Valve Auto-Fill Chamber

Two independent floats and primary and secondary valves regulate water flow into the chamber and provide assured protection against overfilling.

Clinical Confidence

Reduced need to open or break the circuit with associated loss of PEEP and de-recruitment of the lungs.5

Low Compliance Tubing

Accurate delivery of gas volumes and ventilation pressures to the patient.

Temperature Transfer Efficiency

Helps prevent gas temperature loss and surface cold spots, minimising rain-out.

ventimyst comparison


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